"We must remove the taboo that the Influenza vaccine can bring the reactions of a vaccine, but it prevents them from having major febrile reaction problems in this winter season," he emphasized. Monclova, Coah.- The Ministry of Health of the State (SS) keeps active in its health centers and hospitals the permanent campaign of vaccination against influenza before the arrival of the winter season, to strengthen the body and withstand low temperatures like those that have recently been registered.
The Director of the Amparo Pape de Benavides Hospital, Ángel Cruz García, explained that it is necessary to set aside the stereotype that it can cause some secondary discomfort, when the aim is to reinforce the body to prevent illnesses.
He emphasized that the application of this vaccine has no cost for anyone who wants to, having approximately one thousand units, and if necessary you can request more. The Ministry of Health of the State (SS) keeps active in its health centers and hospitals the permanent vaccination campaign against influenza. Among the benefits received by the person who applies the vaccine against influenza, is that it allows a high immunity to diseases of the so-called "cold weather".
When talking about the reactions that the application of the vaccine can cause, it would be local muscle pain, like any other vaccine, a symptom that disappears in less than 24 hours.
According to the Director, the indication to apply the vaccine is focused in the majority of cases towards the elderly and young overweight patients.
However, the vaccine is available to be applied to the general population.
Fortunately, the culture of going to be vaccinated has grown, which allows for minor complications due to climatic changes in the organism.
He made it clear that it is more the benefit, than some
Febrile event that can leave the patient to apply it.
He exemplified that these cold fronts have demanded greater medical consultation in the hospital and health centers due to diseases in the respiratory tract or illnesses with influenza.
He also stressed that it is mandatory that each year the vaccine be applied, even though a year earlier they did it.


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