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Appointment process, pm: "Political motive. Marra has put the manona "asked 10 months for Virginia Raggi

"The sense must be to conduct all processes in the same way. And immunize them from external weights. Justice must be the same for everyone". It is the appeal that the prosecutor added, Paolo Ielo, addressed several steps to the single-judge judge Roberto Ranalli in the final indictment in which the Rome Public Prosecutor calls for the conviction of Virginia Raggi to 10 months imprisonment (with the generic extenuating circumstances) for false documents in a public document, pursuant to Article 479 of the Penal Code. A "minimum penalty" for a very weighty process from a political point of view, which in the light of the internal regulation of the M5S could put at risk the permanence of the mayor of Rome at the head of the Capitol. Or, create a dangerous precedent in the same movement.

THE POLITICAL "MOVENTE" – In almost three hours of indictment, the pm Francesco Dall'Olio first and the deputy prosecutor Paolo Ielo then, have illustrated what they consider evidence that make the crime of forgery committed by the mayor in November 2016 "undeniable and acclaimed". The offense, according to the accusation, would have been perpetrated in responding to a request for clarification from the Campidoglio anti-corruption executive, on the "concrete" role played by Raffaele Marra – at the time of the facts Director of the Human Resources Department – in the construction of the new Capitoline macrostructure, a "only compilative" role in the "pedestrian treatment of my orders", as reported by the first citizen in the act in question. Ielo talked about the Political "motive" that would have prompted Rays to lie, or the need to cover not so much the possible abuse of office in competition with Marra (indictment then archived) as a possible opening of a file against him that would have led, according to the reading of the code ethical of the M5S in force at the time, to a possible referral to the probiviri of the party with an attached risk of being expelled (or even having to resign as mayor a few weeks before the elections). Raggi replied to Ielo by making spontaneous declarations at the end of the hearing, recalling that "that article of the code of ethics, in practice, has never been applied effectively, so much so that it has been modified". In support of this thesis, the mayor recalled the story of Filippo Nogarin, the mayor of Livorno investigated (and then archived) as part of the investigations on the Aamps arrangement procedure, and of Federico Pizzarotti, mayor of Parma, for some contracts at the Teatro Regio. "Nogarin – explained spokesman – immediately said he had received news of a crime and was not deported, while Pizzarotti was different because he hid the investigation, certainly not because he was investigated".

THE "MANONA" OF MARRA – The "political motive" raised by the prosecutors and the "specific weight" of the trial, "well above the seriousness of the crime" will certainly be decisive for directing Ranalli's choice. But the prosecutor also provided evidence deemed "objective" that should "by themselves" address the requested sentence. "Marra – explained Dall'Olio – was not one of the 24,000 municipal employees, but an important reference point for the mayor, as demonstrated also by the chats". To the official "different characters are addressed to start orienting" on the macrostructure. Marra "was the dominus of that procedure, it was he who asked Antonio De Santis (delegate to the staff, ed) to participate in meetings, not vice versa. And as said Franco Giampaoletti (current dg of the Campidoglio) the Human Resources manager is not a simple paperweight ". In short, as the pm "Marra has put the little hand, indeed the big hand, and the mayor knew it, so much so that the applause". Also for Ielo, "it would suffice to provide as proof the chat in which Rays asks Marra where he put his brother Renato. But if he carried out his orders, why do you ask him? ", Adding that" even the investigating judge, in the sentence for archiving the crime of abuse of office, tells the false document, on which there is no doubt ".

THE POSSIBLE BAGARRE POST JUDGMENT – Saabto is scheduled for the last hearing of the trial. It starts at 11 with the advocacy of defense lawyers Pierfrancesco Bruno, Emiliano Fasullo and Alessandro Mancori, followed by the council chamber and then "without any doubt" the sentence. The sentence is likely to arrive mid-afternoon. In case of conviction the political problem will certainly arise within the M5S. The new code of ethics provides for referral to arbitrators. It is possible, according to rumors, that Virginia Raggi resigns by taking the 21 days scheduled by Tuel to verify the holding of the majority and then decide to confirm or withdraw the resignation. This morning, for all eight hours of the trial – including the exam as the former head of the cabinet, Carla Romana Raineri – a good number of M5S city councilors followed the hearing as a demonstration of closeness, "personal and political" to the first citizen. In case of acquittal, instead, the M5S militants are organizing a "spontaneous demonstration" in the Campidoglio to welcome the first town "in triumph".


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