Appointments in health in Campania, all the new general managers decided by Vincenzo De Luca

The 13 names of the General Directions decided by Vincenzo De Luca have been made official, including excellent confirmations and some surprises.

Waltz of appointments in Campania health care, between excellent confirmations and last-minute moves. The signature of the president Vincenzo De Luca formalizes the new heads of Asl, Hospitals and Polyclinics. Confirmed Cyrus Verdoliva at the helm of ASL Napoli 1, which is currently being investigated in the investigation into contracts for the construction of modular Covid hospitals, which has also dealt with. Instead, moved to the central structure of the Department of Health Maurizio Di Mauro after facing the pandemic period at Cotugno.

Di Mauro leaves the leadership of the Hospital of the Hills to Anna Iervolino, the only woman named together with Maria Morgante, who will lead the San Pio di Benevento company. Mario Iervolino instead he happens as director of ASL Napoli 2 ad Antonio D’Amore who will lead the Cardarelli. Just out of the Cardarelli Giuseppe Longo, who will lead the Federico II Polyclinic. These are the main changes decided by the Campania Governor:

  • Cardarelli Company: Antonio D’Amore
  • Colli Company: Anna Iervolino
  • Federico II Polyclinic: Giuseppe Longoin agreement with the Rector Matteo Lorito
  • Vanvitelli Polyclinic: Ferdinando Russoin agreement with the Rector Gianfranco Nicoletti
  • Asl Napoli 1: Cyrus Verdoliva
  • Asl Napoli 2: Mario Iervolino
  • ASL Napoli 3: Giuseppe Russo
  • Moscati Avellino Company: Renato Pizzuti
  • Asl Avellino: Mario Ferrante
  • San Pio Benevento Company: Maria Morgante
  • Asl Benevento: Gennaro Volpe
  • Asl Caserta: Amedeo Blasotti
  • Asl Salerno: Gennaro Sosto
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Furthermore, De Luca has decided to entrust Gennaro Sosto with responsibility for the procedure for the construction of the new single hospital of the Sorrento Coast, in Maurizio Di Mauro assignments in the central structure of the Health Department. Antonio Giordano, who is retiring, maintains his current commissioner office. “It is a commitmentreads the note from the Campania Region, to enhance and not disperse all the administrative experiences that have developed in these difficult years “.