Apps that consume more mobile data on the cell phone

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Mexico City / 18.05.2022 21:44:50

It is common for people to have a endless applications on your cell phone and the vast majority of them work with an internet connection, either with WiFi or with mobile data that can be completely spent, depending on the plan you have with your telecommunications company.

For this reason it is necessary to know which apps consume the most internet to be able to manage your mobile data and not run out so fast.

Which apps use the most mobile data?

1. Facebook

Meta’s most famous social network is the app that consumes the most mobile data, since is always activeeven though you’re not using it, because of notifications and because it’s connected to Messenger.

2. Instagram

This is another Meta social network and although it doesn’t send as many notifications as Facebook, this app pre-load videos and images of the accounts you follow so that when you open it they are shown to you almost instantly.

3. YouTube

Without a doubt, the video platform is the one that more internet consumeshowever, unlike Facebook, this one never does backgroundfor which you are aware when you are spending your data, since you cannot compare the consumption that is made to watch a video to just send a message.

4. Netflix

It works in a similar way to YouTube and although its contents are more extensive, it should be noted that its use on mobile devices is lessplus it has the option to download episodes of your favorite series.

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5. WhatsApp

It’s on this list because it’s on running all the time and sometimes users do not have configured the option that the media files They are only downloaded when the cell phone is connected to a WiFi network.


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