Aquaponics ? Crazy laugh of Coralie Dubost who can s’to prevent “see the pony”



L has member of parliament for the Hérault LREM Coralie Dubost has been taken of uncontrollable giggles as she presided at the national assembly, a working group on the sustainable development.

let’s face it, not more than Coralie Dubost, the word “aquaponics (*)” we was familiar with until Wednesday, November 22, in the evening. Date on which the member of parliament for the Hérault LREM is found in a sequence of the broadcast flagship of TMC, the Daily, a Nod to Etienne.

“I can’t, I’m aqua-pony”

In this excerpt aired live by LCP on November 9, and took, therefore, by Yann Barthes and his followers on Wednesday, we see Coralie Dubost debate around traditional “questions of citizens to the mps”. It leads to seriously the working group on the sustainable development up to the proposal of the “creation of a vegetable garden in aquaponics on roofs to feed the canteen”.

The member of parliament for the Hérault river bursts then laughed, is part apology by saying, “I can’t help but see a pony”… And may thus be a pony trying to swim in the middle of a roof of a school canteen. Or even review this old pub of Toyota who invented the joke “I can’t, I’m aqua-pony”. In any case, his laughter is contagious.

(*) Aquaponics : the merger of the words “aquaculture” and “hydroponics”. Aquaponics is a method of organic farming that avoids the fertilizer to the plants while rearing fish. This technique allows to produce ecologically animal protein from fish, with very good yields on a small area, even in town.


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