Arabs Today: How to prevent Facebook from sharing your data with Watts AG


Arab News Today – Washington, the Arabs today The controversy surrounding leaking user data Facebook For Cambridge Inletica, has made a growing awareness about the amount of information being shared on Internet , And previously uninformed users are now more vigilant. Recently, Facebook-owned WhatsApp has been widely criticized for sharing information with their parent company, and WattsUp says it collects “very little data” for its users And “Each message is encrypted”. But there are ways users can choose not to share their account information with Facebook, which you’ll know below. – Once you have downloaded WhatsApp, you will be asked to agree to accept the Terms of Service and the privacy policy for the application. Before clicking “OK”, you will find “Read More” click on it, and you will find the option to share your Facebook account information. – If you already agree to the Watsp policies and policies but now want to change that, you can go to Settings, Account, and then share account information in the app. If you do not want to share your Facebook account information to improve the experience of your ads on Facebook and your products, Cancel.

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