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Aragonese says that those who sent the police to the 1-O schools are "the greatest criminals" and "will be judged"

The Vice President of the Government and Minister of Economy, Pere Aragonès, has been reassured in the qualification as "criminals" of the members of the State security forces that acted on 1-O and added that "the worst criminals "are those who sent police to schools, which" have not yet been tried, but will be tried. " This was expressed at a campaign car by the municipalities of ERC in Plaça de la Virreina in the district of Gràcia de Barcelona this Saturday at noon. Aragones responded to the complaint that, according to the digital newspaper 'OK Diario', the Jupol police union has been brought against him for blasphemy for having labeled the agents who intervened on 1-O "criminals" this Thursday. In addition, he said that no denunciation will stop the "will to be free" in Catalonia.

During the ceremony, Pere Aragonès reacted to the denunciation of Jupol repeating that "the 1-O delinquents were those who entered the porras by attacking people dressed in green or navy blue," which has already stated the presentation of the book 'Oriol Junqueras. Until we are free 'this Thursday in Sant Vicenç dels Horts. In addition, it has been shown that a denunciation of this type will not stop the pro-independence parties. "If we did not stop the 1-O with their clubs and their actions, do they think they will stop us with a complaint and threats?" He asked.

During the ceremony, the directors of Justice, Ester Capella, and Foreigners, Ernest Maragall, have shown their support against the complaint, confirmed by the official account of Jupol on Twitter. Capella assured that "a judicial resolution" confirms the words of Aragonese, referring to the recent interlocutory of the Hearing of Barcelona. According to her, during the 1-O, "when people are getting crowded," the state security forces "used improperly the force" and "surely transferred the line that never, in a democratic and lawful state , they should transfer their institutions. "

Maragall has expressed that "it is a pride to share the meaning" of the expression that Aragonese used on Thursday and that he has repeated this Saturday. According to the Foreign Minister, in the State "criminals imprison innocents".

On the other hand, during the ceremony, which was also attended by delegate in Madrid Ana Surra, Vice President Aragonés said that ERC will only be able to contribute to facilitate the stability of the government of Pedro Sánchez "if there is a solution before Repression, if there is a change in direction "in favor of civil and political rights. "We will only sit down if there is a willingness to dialogue on the respect that our people chooses," he said. "We demand the government of the State that faces a political negotiation, that respects the exercise of the right to self-determination in our country," he added.

In addition, he criticized the figure of 2,200 million euros extra that, according to Socialists, budgets agreed between PSOE and Podemos contribuir a Catalunya. According to Aragones, "90%" of this figure is already determined by law, so they would be forced to "put them on the table." He also said that the accounts of Sánchez allocated 180 million euros to the minimum guaranteed rent throughout the State, while the Generalitat has allocated 300 to Catalonia this year. "Therefore, we see clearly who is committed to social justice, equal opportunities, is the government of Catalonia," he said.


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