Arantxa Urretabizkaia will be the author of the next episode of ‘Ur Granitan’. The program, which will be broadcast on Tuesday, March 8, is intended to honor rebellious women. In fact, Arantxa Urretabizkaia has been rebellious throughout her career. He is now 72 years old and is following the same path. Its history is linked to Basque culture and activism.

Born in Donostia-San Sebasti├ín in 1947. His father was in prison for fighting warriors, and his mother worked outside the home all her life. He started working at the age of 16 and held various professions until he found his “definitive job”: journalism. Before that, he wanted to be a teacher, but he was dropped from two schools for using the ‘h’ and for joining the language issue.

In 1979 he published ‘Why Panpox’, the first book written by a woman in Basque, and, for the first time as a modern subject, has been considered an important milestone in Basque literature. He has worked in literature and journalism in his professional life. Although he is old, he has no intention of retiring.

As an activist and feminist, she has been involved in many struggles. The last years of his life took place in the Hondarribia district. In fact, this topic will be an important part of the conversation that will be given by Xavier Madariaga.

Speaking of which, ‘Ur Granitan’ has also invited some young people who have started to participate in Jaizkibel in recent years. Ander Zubillaga from Hondarribia, until a few years ago, took part in the traditional boast. Speaking of a peer Alarde, he speaks of the way to the public, which is the social pressure that can affect family and / or friends.

Amaia Hurtado, a teenager, has experienced the same conflict and conflict with her traditional friends on Main Street. The first years were very hard for him, behind the black plastics, which forced the situation to reach the Jaizkibel faces.

Xabier and Arantxa will speak about not only the flair, but also about feminism, the struggle for the Basque language, aging and political violence. Kattalin Miner and Patri Urkizu will be two other people who will be talking to Arantxa. ‘Big Water’ on Tuesday, 10pm ETB1 and


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