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The coronavirus pandemic in Argentina produced, among other measures, the suspension of face-to-face classes and therefore the digitization of curricular content.

However, faced with this situation, there are still many children who do not have the resources to access virtual content because they do not have a computer or a cell phone to connect and obtain these content.

For this reason, the company carried out a solidarity initiative, donating computer equipment to the students of its student scholarship program.

About 50 teams were delivered last week, personally by the program’s tutors; in the localities of Montecarlo, Piray, Eldorado, Esperanza, Wanda, Libertad and in the Bilingual schools of the original communities of Taji Poty (Gdor Roca); Alecrín (San Pedro); Guapoy (Libertad) and the Polyvalent High School No. 104 of San Pedro.

The tutors are professionals who selflessly accompany the scholarship recipients in their passage through the different stages of their educational training. The idea is to continue accompanying and guiding scholarship recipients in this new way of learning.

Lorenzo Vargas, one of the volunteer tutors, expressed in this regard “I am immensely grateful to the Arauco company that allowed me to experience these emotional moments of handing over computer equipment to our scholarship holders. Just at a time when reality requires them to be connected in order to keep up-to-date with their studies. ”

And he adds “It is not enough to remember the great emotion they felt and the surprise that such an important contribution meant to them, when they were already grateful enough that the company kept them delivering their scholarships encouraging them to“ stay at home ”surprises them even more. with the arrival of these teams. “

This delivery of computer equipment is added to those already specified by the company to the Supervision of Zone XI of primary education of the CGE of Misiones and to that of the Higher Technical Institute of Hope for its “computer bank”; since the purpose of the company is to accompany community projects.

In this sense, this contribution confirms its commitment, and that of the tutors with whom it works in the search for solutions to the educational challenges arising from the COVID-19 crisis.

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