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Arcadia Festival of the UNAM Film Library will commemorate the 1968 movements

The event will screen premiere films, cinema concerts, exhibitions, editorial presentations and round tables on film archives, among others.

                                                        The UNAM Film Library will announce part of its collection at the Arcadia Festival. International Exhibition of Rescued and Restored Cinema, which in this first edition will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Student Movement of 1968.

"The Filomoteca chose that the cinematographic contents that will be programmed are related to the 68, not only the Mexican, but how it was seen from outside and with the 68 that were lived from other latitudes, because it is a movement that synchronized in some way to all youth in the world, "says Hugo Villa Smythe, Filmoteca director.

The show has a program consisting of premiere film screenings, four film-concerts, exhibitions, editorial presentations, round tables on film archives and functions in the Plaza de las Tres Culturas.

As part of the screenings, the documentary El grito will be presented, as well as El grito. memory in movement, book consisting of essays related to the filming of the documentary and its recent process of digital restoration, so it will also include a DVD with the restored version in both image and sound.

"The cry is emblematic because there are few documentaries that were produced at that time (1968) and because it is also connected to the UNAM. It contains few testimonies that could be filmed in comparison with other countries such as the United States or France, where there is a huge amount of visual documents that were filmed during student assemblies. In addition, of the restorations that the Filmoteca has made, it represents the most complete piece to start a restoration, "says Albino Álvarez, deputy director of Rescue and Restoration of the UNAM Film Library.

As part of Arcadia, the projection of Olimpia, by José Manuel Cravioto; as well as the presentation of the UNAM In Memoriam Film Library Medal to Leobardo López Aretche, and the screening of short films resulting from the Echoes of El Grito project, in addition to the experimental practice and short film contest: "M68, absent voices and everyday life ", Which was done in collaboration with the Ingmar Bergman Chair in Film and Theater, the National Cineteca, DocsMX, Ambulante and the Goethe Institut Mexiko.

Villa Smythe emphasized that all the activities will be free, that is, that the 40 materials that will be screened will be accessible, of which the vast majority are documentaries, and although they do not have a number of how many people could impact , they do expect to have full rooms.

"The function of the Filmoteca is to conserve, care for and keep the patrimony safeguarded, but completing the cinematographic experience, which is completed when the spectator is in the armchair of a dark room watching the movies. The Filomoteca is probably the most important archive in Latin America, and it did not have a festival where it would show its archive, so the idea is to point this archive cinema to the main community, the student of the University, that is, students between 15 and 35 years, "said Villa Smythe.


► Arcadia. International Film Festival Rescued and Restored will take place from September 25 to 30 in different venues. All the information in



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