Archaeologists Find Pharaoh’s Condoms, Like What? page all – The archaeologist Howard Carter found an object that was Tutankhamun’s condom. Even so, Pharaoh’s condom was probably not used as a contraceptive.

The discovery of artifacts was revealed from the tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun which was first excavated in 1922.

Pharaoh’s artifacts include items such as gold, silver, ebony, ivory, precious jewelry, weapons, furniture, fine linen, to rare perfumes.

However, among the items was a small piece of cloth that caught the attention of scientists, which turned out to be the condom of Pharaoh who was often referred to as King Tut.

Reported from Acient Origins, Thursday (14/7/2022) the item seemed to be important so it was buried with its owner.

Tutankhamun’s condom, which contained traces of his DNA, consisted of a material made of fine linen and soaked in olive oil.

The cloth is tied to a rope that is likely to be worn around the waist. If used as a contraceptive, it is likely that condoms will not be effective. Dated 1350 BC, the discovery of Pharaoh’s condom is the oldest in history.

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Before the invention of this Pharaoh condom, for information, the ancient Egyptians also had another contraceptive method, namely the Kahun Medical Papyrus or also known as the Gynecological Papyrus.

The Kahun Medical Papyrus is dated circa 1825 BC, with a mixture of crocodile dung and some kalin materials. The mixture will be formed into a pessary.

According to one hypothesis, crocodile dung is alkaline so it acts as a spermicide.

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Getting to know Pharaoh Tutankhamun

written Britannica, Tutankhamun who is also spelled Tutankhamen or Tutankhamon, with the name of King Tut is Pharaoh, king of ancient Egypt who ruled from 1333-1323 BC.

King Pharaoh with the real name Tutankhaten is famous because his tomb was found intact in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt in 1922.

Medical analysis of Tutankhamun’s mummy shows it has very similar physical characteristics to the mummy found at KV 55 Valley of the Kings.

Some scholars identify the remains as those of Smekhkare who died at the age of 25, but it turns out that Akhenaten, the king who introduced the monotheistic system in Egypt, died at the age of 45-55.

The discovery of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s condom is said to be the oldest contraceptive invention in history.

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