Archdiocese of Salzburg makes itself organizationally “fit for the future”

Salzburg, September 22, 2022 (KAP) Under the motto “Church works together”, the Archdiocese of Salzburg is starting an organizational development process in which the offices and institutions in the ordinariate are made “fit for the future”. The archdiocese’s goals in its broadcast on Thursday were: “to connect the people of today with God, to support the numerous committed people in the archdiocese in the best possible way and to make the organization fit for the future for the numerous challenges of a modern society”. The process is designed to last at least one year and is accompanied by the management consultancy “2denare”. On the Church side, it is managed by a team led by Vicar General Roland Rasser.

Rasser had commissioned the organizational development process together with Archbishop Franz Lackner and Cornelius Inama, Director of the Chamber of Finance. The diocesan instructions also want to meet a demand that was formulated during the survey in the course of the synodal process: In the future, all departments will need to work together even more closely, “analogous to gears that mesh and develop the power of the drive together,” as it was said . The motto “Church goes together” was also chosen under this sign, the Vicar General announced.

As specific sub-projects, Rasser named the revision of the organization chart and the further development of human resources, which has been “confronted with increasing demands and constant change” in recent years. In the future, a strong emphasis will be placed on the further training of employees and the promotion of managers. With these steps, the Ordinariate would like to continue to prove itself to be a “strong partner for the pastoral care workers”.