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For many, the union between physical spaces and well-being is imperceptible. However, the truth is that the environments in which people work turn out to be a factor that makes a difference in the work, personal and leisure spheres, so much so that teams such as ArchDaily Brasil have dedicated various publications to talking of the evident connection that exists between architecture and health. For them, even above the design of healthier environments that consider aspects such as ventilation and natural lighting, the psychology of space is something that can affect human behavior and mental health.

In this context, as well as the versatility in the areas and the furniture can be fundamental at work as a contribution to creativity, the infrastructure to serve the public in places such as medical offices or in facilities created for recreation, sports or leisure. They are also key to favoring the visitor experience.

Comprehensive infrastructure

In the words of Wilmer Linares Mendoza, Compensar’s infrastructure project manager, the entity is concerned with designing each of its venues and settings with the experience of users and visitors in mind. “We have an urban and country infrastructure strategically located to provide coverage to our users and we are concerned about offering inclusive spaces for families, affiliated and unaffiliated, of all socioeconomic levels, thus expanding their possibilities to improve the quality of life.”

The amplitude, natural lighting and inclusion of its spaces, the prevailing vegetation and the appropriate use of technology to counteract the negative impact on the environment are not by chance, but are derived from an entire business policy that gives its buildings its own stamp. , spaces and venues.

“We facilitate the comprehensive provision of services through the development, conservation and improvement of our physical plant, under the principle of” good architecture “, making available to members and visitors appropriately equipped, inclusive and environmentally friendly spaces, always with criteria of sustainability, innovation and quality ”, Linares pointed out.

For Compensar, the strategy behind its infrastructure is not something fortuitous, since from its origins it understood that part of its service was leveraged on good architecture, a principle that is part of its corporate policies. So that the planning and development of this are framed within the strategic objectives defined by the entity and are a support of the corporate approach that aim to consolidate itself more and more as a modern organization, which grows in a balanced way, with broad impact. social, which promotes the construction of the social fabric and sees in the service the main differentiator for the fulfillment of its mission.

“In the definitions of what is good architecture we rely on several principles: a fundamental one is an integral model of well-being and health, and that we must translate into buildings, not only conceptually, but as a reality that impacts the well-being of our visitors, as we have been doing in the buildings that people already know and we will continue to implement it in the new constructions that are under construction, such as Carrera 60 and in Centro Mayor, where these services are integrated, ”said Linares.

Consolidating teamwork

Other well-defined principles are also added to the above, related to respect for users, excellence in service, architectural competitions (as a system for the selection of professionals), technological innovation and sustainable architecture.

Under the same model, Compensar develops its buildings, being clear that beyond services there must be true integration. Thus, a venue in which a person goes to the gym to perform physical activity will also have health professionals to receive complete care, but not in isolation or separately. “This is the experience that a user of venues such as San Roque (in Cajicá) Suba or Calle 94 lives today and soon at the headquarters located in Centro Mayor,” added Linares.

To achieve this objective and as part of the most important actors involved in these developments, there are the architects who define and shape the requirements and from there a series of teams are added to comply with those approaches.

“For example, a project like the one at the Los Cobos Clinic –easily– from its design stage to its completion could involve the participation of 2,000 people (workers, workers, designers, consultants, etc., all associated with different companies and making teams interdisciplinary work to develop it ”, highlighted Linares.

Facing the challenges of the pandemic

According to Linares, with the purpose of contributing to face the enormous challenge posed by the pandemic, between 2020 and 2021, the entity has carried out different adjustments in infrastructure to support the needs identified in health services, among these, the temporary adaptation and in just 12 days of the facilities of its emblematic headquarters on Calle 26 for the care of covid patients of medium and low complexity; a provisional action that was later replicated at its headquarters on Calle 134.

“In the face of world problems, Compensar acted head-on and doing works in record time. In those 12 days we had to condition an oxygen network, do showers, sinks and many other adaptation works, ”Linares said.

Added to this was the provision of areas for taking covid samples, responding to the city in one of the most critical moments of the pandemic; in addition to the provision of various spaces for the development of medical care for patients in the teleorientation modality, helping to improve the opportunity of the service in the midst of the health crisis, as well as the adaptation of infrastructure for the development of the covid vaccination days .

Just to mention a few figures, Linares adds “last year, for example, we carried out new constructions, remodeling and extensions, intervening about 21,000 square meters. In addition, 341 local companies participated in the development of our works, generating social value through the projects, and of these, 67 were linked as new suppliers, thus contributing to the strengthening of the construction sector and the reactivation of employment after the crisis caused by the coronavirus ”.

When the pandemic arrived, the entity was in the midst of remodeling its Lagomar hotel (in Girardot), with works in which around 160 workers participated, for which they had to plan a gradual return of these personnel, which generated rhythms that –Obviously– they affected the completion of the project, whose delivery was budgeted for the end of 2020, but which was already completed during the first half of the current year.

On the other hand, Linares says that the entity is carrying out projects such as Centro Mayor, a large 12,000-square-meter health and wellness center with an innovative proposal in access to services, which will be located in this shopping center in Bogotá .

Similarly, it advances in improvements in the construction of the kindergarten located in Hogares Soacha -one of its own housing projects- and also in the Carrera 60 comprehensive well-being unit (near the Children’s Museum), designed especially to care for the elderly, with another 12,000 square meters, 14 floors and three basements. The infrastructure project manager estimates that among all these projects, around 1,000 jobs may be generated in high construction seasons and 500 in low.

The services of the latter will be complemented by those of a new space in Fusagasugá, on a 15-hectare farm, where there is a first development with 60 rooms to accommodate the elderly, a work that they hope to deliver this year with all the spaces enabled , where multifunctional rooms, swimming pool and dining rooms stand out.

On the other hand, in Lagosol, their resort, they began to carry out a project – in advance of the great Master Plan – that includes 10 work fronts and, at the Suba headquarters, they have a floor to expand wellness services (rooms for different activities). In addition, in coordination with the Compensar University Foundation, the new headquarters of this educational institution (university campus) will be built, the first phase of which is equivalent to 26,000 square meters on 68 Avenue.

Thus, Compensar envisions growth not only in terms of capabilities but also in services, where innovation plays a preponderant role in meeting the new needs of the population. “For the next 10 years, apart from the new buildings, we have projected the execution of more than 150,000 square meters that will be reflected in large and small works within already built venues such as Autopista Sur, Carrera 69, Alquería, Calle 145 and Avenida 68, all designed to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of users and visitors, opening the doors of well-being through our headquarters and spaces ”, concluded Linares.

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