Archos Mate: a new digital assistant on Alexa

Archos Mate: a new digital assistant on Alexa

At a time when Amazon launches Alexa and its smart speakers in France, the French manufacturer Archos has decided to launch two assistants of the range Mate. These will ship Alexa. Archos does not put all his eggs in the same basket: if last February his Smart Display embarked Google Assistant, his new assistant Archos Mate as for him works with Alexa, the assistant of Amazon. It must be said that the context is favorable, since Amazon has recently launched its speakers Echo and Alexa in France. Archos Mate, a digital assistant who works with Alexa Archos offers two versions of its Mate range : a first assistant with a screen of five inches, and a second with a slab of seven inches. And the similarities between these assistants and Amazon Echo speakers are there. Archos seems to be inspired by what the e-commerce site offers. On the company blog we read: ” Created by the ARCHOS design team in Paris, Mate is an elegant device, made of noble materials, in 5 or 7 inch formats. This daily assistant is equipped with the latest technologies, including microphones and speakers with voice recognition, to accommodate and extend the functional richness of AI as Alexa, the voice service of Amazon “. The 5-inch Mate version has strong resemblances to the Echo Spot, while the seven-inch version offers similarities with the Echo Show. And these assistants of Archos benefit from their ecosystem, since they have all the services that Alexa offers, such as the control of connected equipment in the house. Archos Mate Technical Specifications As for the technical characteristics of these models Mate, they are almost similar except the battery. The 5-inch version offers a 1500 mAh battery, and the 7-inch battery doubles. Note an original element from Archos compared to other manufacturers: the ability to operate these wizards on battery. On both devices, there is a four-core processor, a 5-megapixel camera. Both assistants support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. We should find on these two assistants an omnidirectional sound and two microphones. One should also be able to make calls on both assistants via VoIP. These assistants can be assimilated to smart calendars, and can establish notifications, tell you the weather or respond to a number of requests. They will be available next October from 99 euros.

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