Are Emilie and Frédérick (MAPR) still a couple?

This year again, a very large number of candidates have decided to take the cast of Married at First Sight hoping to find love. They thus submitted themselves to a battery of tests and meetings with psychologists in the hope of being able to meet their better half. Among the successful candidates: Emilie and Frederick.

Frédérick and Emilie married or divorced?

The story of these two candidates has touched the viewers a lot. On the one hand, Emilie, a young mother whose companion left her when there was a risk that their daughter was born with a disability. On the other, Frédérick, whose daughter affected by West’s syndrome lives in a specialized institute. The two candidates hit it off as soon as they met in Gibraltar. Only one question therefore arises: six months after the shooting, are they still married?

Blogger Aquababe, who inquired about the love status of all of the Married at First Sight contestants, revealed that he believes the couple are sadly no longer together. On Instagram he explained: “After investigation, I regret to announce that Emilie and Frédérick are no longer together. They divorced and apparently, according to my source, they would have divorced long before the broadcast of the program on M6 Due to confidentiality clauses, participants are obliged to play a role on their social networks so as not to spoil the program and to cover their tracks.”

The reasons for this supposed divorce have not been revealed.

Frédérick in a relationship with another MAPR candidate?

Internet users had a big surprise this Monday, May 9, 2022. A video showing Frédérick with another candidate of Married at first sight 6, in the streets of Nice, was broadcast on Snapchat. Here reveals that it is Cyndie. The latter, however, was intended for Jauffrey on the show.

The question therefore arises: Frederick and Cyndie are they just friends or are they secretly in a relationship? The answer should therefore be provided in the show’s report… Patience! This will be the time to see if Bruno and Alicia are still married, just like Pauline and Damien.