Are Oranges a Cold Remedy? Here is the answer

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Oranges are among the most cultivated citrus fruits in the world, thanks to the ability to adapt to different environmental conditions, favored by the excellent numerous varieties and clones. The history of the birth and diffusion of this plant is much discussed. In fact, there is news of its presence already in ancient times in China, where it is thought to have been generated by mutation from the bitter orange.

It is assumed that it was the Arabs who imported orange trees to Asia Minor, Egypt, North Africa and Europe. Orange is a fruit of a thousand favors. In addition to possessing a great flavor, this fruit gives great vitality to our body. In this article we will see how to have an orange remedy against flu and above all colds. The main favor of the orange towards the body is its high vitamin C content, but it is also quite rich in vitamins A and B and in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.

Are Oranges a Cold Remedy? Here is the answer

Its absurd nutritional value makes it a perfect fruit to strengthen our immune system and thus prevent any disease. Like all citrus fruits, the orange has antioxidant properties and helps our body stay young and strong, both inside and out. Furthermore, it is a fruit with precious purifying properties and is perfect for tidying up the liver, kidneys and intestines. Finally, the orange helps us defend our body from cardiovascular diseases, as it improves circulation, balances blood pressure and decreases triglyceride levels in the blood.

The best orange to prefer is heavy and has a firm and taut skin. Therefore, also prefer local ones over intercontinental ones, because they do not have the same treatment. Then to prefer fresh oranges, make sure they have the stem still attached and bright green, if they still have the leaves it means that the product is certainly ripe, fresh and young, since until a few days before it was still attached to its tree.

We conclude by saying that the enthralling region is undoubtedly Sicily but also in the Caserta area there are areas that deserve attention. We are talking about a complete fruit, a real nutritional heritage.

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