Are the “learning vacations” ready?

The end of the school year has come. To fight against dropping out of school due to confinement, the ministry has launched this system, which is intended for one million children.

In order to make up for the academic delay during confinement, the government plan provides open schools and free bush stays for all.

What is a “learning vacation”?

Open schools, learning colonies, bush stays and learning leisure centers: these systems should enable a million children to catch up, between July 4 and August 31, part of the academic delay caused by the health crisis. “About 4% of students” have stalled, said the ministry. Five themes will be given priority: strengthening learning, culture, sport, digital technology and sustainable development.

For which children?

Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer wants“A maximum of children” benefit, but the target audiences first are those in priority neighborhoods, child protection, rural areas, single-parent homes, disabled or children of caregivers. Families are invited to contact the communities, which can adapt these criteria.

How much does it cost ?

The state has promised funding of 200 million euros. The open school and buccaneer stays projects, led by the National Education and local authorities, are free for all. The camps offered to children of priority audiences and paying for others (with the help of the Family Allowance Fund, holiday vouchers, works councils …).

Are the “open schools” ready?

This system, which offers school reinforcement in the morning and cultural and sporting activities in the afternoon, affected 70,000 children (especially college students) in 2019. It is extended to primary and professional high schools and aims to accommodate 400 000 children, the first fifteen days of July and the last fifteen of August.

“Unrealistic”, says education historian Claude Lelièvre. Because 25,000 supervisors (animators and teachers) must be found, five times more than today. The academies have launched calls for candidates, but the ministry does not give “No figures yet” on recruitments. Many professors decline pleading a ” need of holidays “, after the trying (de) confinement. “There are big recruitment problems, especially in rural areas, confirms the Association of Mayors of France. And the mayors await the precise amount of the budgetary envelope. “

Less concern for the colonies?

For the colos, 250,000 children are targeted, including 80% of the priority public. Yesterday, the website of the Ministry of Education listed more than 4,000 stays. ” We are ready “, says Isabelle Monforté, director at the Fédération des Pep. This network of one hundred associations offers 460 colos learning to date, out of the 800 on the network. Notified just a month ago, the organizations had to be reactive. “We already have 6,000 registrations for all stays combined, she welcomes herself. Our colos are only visible on the site since June 20. ”

Same optimism at Vacances pour tous, which designed 600 learning trips. “It is a good thing that the State is taking up the subject. New audiences will discover the colo, rejoices Johann Olivier, the director. The stays are not low-cost : there will be, for example, fun modules around the decryption of fake news or walks by the sea focusing on the ecological footprint. The idea is not to put the children back in class, it’s still the holidays! “


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