Are these the OnePlus Nord Buds 2?

OnePlus Nord Buds 2

OnePlus will launch the OnePlus 11 and Buds Pro 2 on February 7, among other things. Via social media, the company is now also distributing renders of the Buds Ace 2, the possible predecessors of the Nord Buds 2.

OnePlus launched wireless earphones in the Nord series for the first time last year. With an extremely low price tag of 49 euros, the OPPO daughter immediately became a success. Marijn called the earphones in his review of the Nord Buds “basic earphones with above-average performance”. OnePlus seems to want to take that success story a bit further with the Buds Ace. Although OnePlus does not implicitly mention that it concerns the Nord Buds 2, the design of the earphones does correspond one-to-one with the first generation Nord Buds. Very suitable for a second generation, so.

A second generation that receives the necessary improvements. For starters, OnePlus equips the Ace with a battery life of up to 36 hours (case and earpieces combined). With this, the tech giant knows how to extend the battery life by six hours compared to the Nord Buds. Charging the earphones must, OnePlus writes in its teasers, also go a lot smoother. Five minutes on the charger is good for ten hours of battery life with the Buds Ace. You had to charge the Nord Buds for another ten minutes to ‘gain’ five hours of battery life.

It is also striking that the Buds Ace have active noise reduction (ANC). An option that the Nord Buds did not get. This also applies to Bluetooth 5.3 support and BassWave, which should make the bass tones on the Buds Ace more dynamic. It is not known whether this is a function that can be disabled. Finally, the completely wireless earphones must be extremely suitable for gaming; they contain a low-latency mode for this, which ‘limits’ the delay on the sound to 47ms.

Launch on February 7

OnePlus will launch the Buds Ace on February 7 at its Cloud 11 event. Initially you will not see the earphones appear in Europe; the Ace series is only released in China. It is expected that they will be launched in Europe later as Nord Buds 2. Take that information with a grain of salt, as OnePlus has not confirmed that detail.

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