Are we ready for 3D advertising? Apparently not – News

On the streets of Tokyo, a gigantic cat is seen above a building. He observes who passes on the street, sniffs and is sometimes even seen sleeping.

The animal is part of an advertising action in three dimensions, with 4K quality, enough to deceive our eyes. It takes a little strain on the mind to remember that it’s not real, even when seeing everything in a footage, posted on a social network.

The giant feline is part of a new advertising craze: 3D advertisements placed on the street.

This one started airing on July 1st, in a square near Shinjuku Station in Tokyo.

The Dream News website describes this advertisement as more advanced than the previous ones in 3D, as it makes better use of the corners of the huge screens of very high definition. In other words, pedestrians from all angles will see a realistic picture.

It is different from the ad placed on the Global Center Mall in Chengdu, China, which caught attention in January with a lion that frightened passersby.

The fear of those who saw the lion in action showed that it will take a while for us to deal with giant animals displayed on screens with more definition than reality itself.

In October 2020, the same venue showcased an Enterprise flight in what it called “the future of advertising.”

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