Are you an Amazon customer? Check this, so you can spend less on your purchases

Written in MONEY he 4/2/2023 · 08:30 hs

If you’re client recurring of Amazon Due to the great variety of products it has and its attractive prices, then this news is for you and it is better that you prepare your pocket because it is most likely that you have more reasons to leave a large part of your fortnight to electronic commerce.

to attract new customers and that those who are already part of Amazon remain faithful, the electronic commerce launched a new program called “Plan and save”, which aims to allow recurring customers spend less money in your purchases.

For example, with this new program of Amazon you can comprar the cheapest pantry and the best thing is that you do not need a minimum consumption as requested in other places.


“Plan and save” Amazonas its name indicates, is based on creating a spending plan for those products that shopping repetitively, such as toilet paper, personal hygiene items, the pantry, etc.

In short, if you do your purchase through the “Plan and save” microsite, Amazon gives you a 10% discount on the price of each product so you can spend less money and you can receive your pantry with the periodicity you choose.

For example, you can choose to receive groceries each month charged to your card and, by carrying out this plan, Amazon will set the price of your items, apply the discount and you will never have to pay more for your shopping.

And does inflation affect your purchases? The answer is no, inflation will not affect you, because Amazon will be in charge of freezing the price you accessed when you generated your plan in “Plan and save”.


  • Choose “Plan and Save” and in the “Plan and Save” Store you will find thousands of products.
  • Choose the products you need and schedule the delivery that best suits you.
  • The more products you add, the more discounts you receive. Shipping is always Free.

Remember that if you manage your recurring orders there are no commitments when you register products in “Plan and Save”.

Prior to each shipment, you will be sent an email reminding you of the items, prices and discounts applicable to your next delivery.

You can also reschedule, skip or cancel your recurring orders at any time by visiting your “Plan and Save” control panel.