Are you shy to talk about your job?

Are you one of those embarrassed employees who dare not confess the name of the company they work for? Do you like your job but your industry has a bad reputation? However, there are many advantages to working in this kind of company…

Oil, fossil fuel, tobacco, alcohol, gambling, fast food, fast fashion, etc. The sectors that can be singled out are numerous, as are the large companies that stand out there (take the example of the Marlboro, Primark or even Mc Donald brands).

All of these companies have already been subject to many reviews and have often received more media coverage than other organizations. Nowadays, there are also companies active in Russia and China that are not seen very favorably…

Nothing that makes you want to work for these employers… And yet! According to the author Thomas Roulette from the University of Cambridge, employees of “unattractive” companies are sometimes proud to be employed there. Why ? The first is simple: simply because employees can choose where they work and know that they operate within a perfectly legal framework.

Second reason : it is easy to have a favorable speech able to transform the negative impact of its products into something positive. “Think of the energy companies claiming that what they earn now from fuel will allow them to fund the transition to low-carbon energy. Or beverage companies that promote healthy foods…”explains Thomas Roulet.

Third reason – although it may seem obvious: money. By working for a company that is often persecuted, you are entitled to ask for wage compensation. Indeed, according to several assertions, it is well known that executives in certain sectors demand additional remuneration in order to compensate for the stigmatization that their job entails.

Last reason : the employees of prejudiced organizations are sometimes idealistic. They like to believe that they are capable of changing the world, of changing the vision that society has of their organization and that they will succeed, one day. A daily challenge.

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And you? Are you one of those workers embarrassed to be active in a particular company or are you proud to have been hired?

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