According to the "SE", at the home arena Omsk cracks in the foundation


On Monday, loud news came from Omsk. "Arena Omsk", where he plays home games"Vanguard", is in a state of danger to spectators and competitors. It's about a few cracks in the foundation of the building. Thus, by the beginning of the KHL season, the palace will almost certainly not be allowed to host hockey matches. Director of the arenaAndrei Mokhonko, who phoned one of the correspondents "SE", refused to give a comment and advised to apply to the leadership of the club. The palace since 2012 belongs to "The Vanguard".

Earlier, the president of OmskMaxim Sushinsky on the club's official website commented on the situation. He did not disclose details, but from his words it is clear that the situation is extremely serious. "It was extremely important for us to approach the new season in full readiness, including in terms of comfort and safety of our fans,"Sushinsky. – In the off-season we started interior repairs and modernization of the engineering systems of the arena. In the course of these works, we encountered unforeseen difficulties, after which the necessary additional examinations were urgently launched. To implement these tasks, the best resources and specialists were attracted. I note that in previous years there were no complex surveys in the arena. At the moment, consultations and expertise are still ongoing. But since there is not much time left before the start of the season, the club must work through all the scenarios and alternatives. "

Construction "Arena Omsk" was conducted for three years. The cost of the project was $ 150 million. The construction of the palace was carried out by the Austrian company AMR, but it was already completed by Russian builders. According to some reports, the arena was adopted with numerous violations, structural flaws and from the very beginning was, if not in an emergency condition, then constantly demanded close monitoring and constant inspections. Previous leaders of "Vanguard"These problems were known, so they tried to closely monitor the state of the arena.


If you look at similar Russian examples, then a similar problem happened with the metropolitan ice palace "Megasport" on the Khodynka field. It was built for the Moscow World Hockey Championship in 2007. We do not know whether there is a regularity here, but the arena was built around the same time as the Omsk one in December 2006. A huge plot of 57 thousand square meters was built in just a year! In January 2013, during one of the inspections, 63 defects were found. NIISF RAASN (Research Institute of Building Physics) concluded that the bearing structures were damaged. "Megasport" was immediately closed for repairs, which began in September of the same year, and ended only in November 2015. That is, the arena, which was taken out of an emergency condition, did not work for two and a half years.

While there are no final conclusions of the commission on the state of the "Arena Omsk." Although the first reaction can drag on for many months. Fans "Vanguard"should be morally ready and for this period of downtime." Apparently, in recent years the state of affairs with the palace has become so bad that the relocation of the "Vanguard"There is only one real option for the Omsk club if you do not consider a temporary move to another city.In Omsk, there is only one arena that can stretch out with the stretch of the KHL matches.The old Blinov JCC was built in 1986 year and can accommodate up to 5,500 spectators.This is the minimum allowable rate.The ice has not been flooded for several years, and recently there was a local women's volleyball team.

This palace, which is almost in an emergency condition, also has many problems. For a month and a half before the start of the season, it's almost impossible to solve them. Given the mass requirements for arenas that have appeared in recent years and prescribed in the regulations of the KHL, the JCC may simply not be allowed to host the championship games.

Is it really "The Vanguard"At least for a while will have to leave Omsk?



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