Arfons. Demonstration against new wind turbines

On this Saturday morning, many opponents of the installation of new wind turbines in the town gathered in the square in front of the town hall (see our Sunday edition). Among the personalities present, many mayors of neighboring municipalities: Michael Laurent for Saint-Denis, Max Brail de Lastours, Yannick Dufour of Brousses-et-Villaret, Benoit Soulié de Lacombe, the first deputy to Mr. Bétéille mayor of Saissac, Marc Mahoux de Labastide-Esparbairenque, the mayor of Laprade and for the Tarn, Olivier Fabre, of Mazamet. Patrice Luchini represented the association “Vent Mauvais”, he is also the co-secretary of the collective “all our energies”.

Asked about the subject, the mayor of Arfons, Gérard Pinel, wishes to point out that, contrary to what has been said, the city council is divided on this subject. For him there are other concerns such as the supply of drinking water to the inhabitants.


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