Argentina, Dybala trains in the gym and remains in retirement: the shot with Messi – As Roma football news – Interviews, photos and videos

The Roma player on an exercise bike in the first Seleccion session in Miami

Paulo Dybala began to train with Argentina in the United States. After skipping the game with Atalanta for an injury in the warm-up, linked to some annoyance already existing from the post-match with l’Helsinki, he nevertheless joined his national team. Waiting for the arrival of all the other players called up (including Inter fans), Dybala he trained in the gym together with his other classmates in the first session – lasting about forty minutes – held on the campus of‘Inter Miami. The number 21 of the Roma he reposted an image of the Seleccion in which he appears smiling on the exercise bike next to Messi e tagliafico. Unlike Pellegrini, the Argentine will remain in the national team after investigations have ruled out injuries. The conditions of him, together with the eventual return to Italia, will be evaluated day by day also in view of the first match with Honduras of 24 August.


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