Argentine bishops before blasphemous play against the Virgin Mary – ZENIT

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(ZENIT Noticias, 10.12.2021) .- We reproduce the text of the statement that the Argentine Episcopal Conference published regarding a play presented at the Colón Theater in the Argentine capital in the first week of October. The work represented is a free adaptation of a work by Handel that incorporates feminist elements that lead to profanity.


Last weekend, a multitude of freely summoned men and women returned to the road to cover the distance that separates us from the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Luján on foot. It was after a year full of deprivations, uncertainties and anguish: many, with the heart crossed by the pain because of having lost relatives and loved ones. The Youth Pilgrimage for Catholics is an image of the pilgrim Church, which despite the trials, receives many graces and consolations through the Mother of the Savior, and for that reason, we went singing and walking to ask for “work and health for our village”.

In contrast, we receive with sadness and pain how in a supposed artistic expression faith and religiosity were bastardized and blasphemed with words that cannot be accepted referring to the Virgin Mary. They have been poured into nothing less than the Colón theater, an icon of the culture of the City of Buenos Aires and of our homeland, where Argentines delight in the art and music of the world; Expressions were said there that outraged the sensitivity of a very important portion of our people, who, beyond their religious belief, always respect the Virgin.

We ask the authorities to ensure a healthy and democratic society, in which all sacred symbols are respected, of whatever religion they may be, as much as the free expression of artists is respected and defended.

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