Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Home Sport Argentine combination: Palacios threw the center and Jara anticipated for the first...

Argentine combination: Palacios threw the center and Jara anticipated for the first goal of Pachuca

The value and the hierarchy that the Argentine players give to Liga MX is incalculable. This goal from Pachuca is just another example.

Sebastián Palacios received the ball on the right and overflowed his marker.

With great power, Franco Jara had already beaten his rival with a large diagonal, which made the task easier for him. Tucu.

The former Boca player only had to throw a center back to the penalty spot, which was capitalized very well by Jara for the first goal of the afternoon.

It's just two minutes of match and the Tuzos They already opened the scoring against Necaxa, at Estadio Hidalgo.



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