Argentine Maradona, present in Venezuela before the elections


CARACAS – Wearing shorts, Diego Armando Maradona danced and waved a Venezuelan flag on a stage on Thursday, as a sign of his unrestricted support for Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro during the closing of the campaign for the presidential election on Sunday. If you want to receive the best information of the sports world, download the App now. »
During a crowded event in a central avenue of Caracas, the governor who seeks re-election for six more years thanked the support of the 57-year-old former Argentine soccer player, affirming in a joking tone that the Internet card that accredits him as a member of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela. The captain of the 1986 World Cup, who wore a cap with yellow, blue and red colors of the national tricolor, was a fiery admirer of the socialist project of the now deceased President Hugo Chávez and has vehemently supported Maduro, his political heir .


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