Argentine physicist disappeared during dictatorship informs that he is alive in the US


A nuclear physicist licensed by the Balseiro Institute of Argentina and reported as missing from the country’s last military dictatorship (1976-1983) made contact with that institution to confirm that he is alive and residing in the United States, according to official sources confirmed Efe.
“They have ratified me that yes, they have been lucky enough to be able to establish contact with Gentile (person in question), that this man communicated and that he is in perfect health,” the secretary of Human Rights of the country told Efe. austral, Claudio Avruj.
In 1977 he lost the trail of Antonio Gentile – born in 1933 in the Buenos Aires town of Mar del Plata – who studied at the Balseiro Institute in Bariloche (Río Negro province) and is on the list of missing scientists of that school with Susana Grinberg, Eduardo Pasquini and Manuel Tarchitzky.

They manage to estimate that on March 5 the Directorate of the Balseiro Institute communicated to Human Rights that Antonio Gentile was alive and on March 24 (day of memory) the same organizations marched with his face making him go missing. They knew and profited. They are disgusting.
– Diego Álzaga Unzué (@atlanticsurff) April 16, 2018

Therefore, the name of Gentile has been the protagonist in various acts of commemoration to victims of the dictatorship of human rights organizations in the country, such as the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo.
As explained by the head of Human Rights, in 2015 was received in that secretariat, in the province of Rio Negro, the formal complaint of disappearance by ex-partners of the scientific environment of Gentile and proceeded to open a file to include him in the National Commission on Disappearance of Persons (Conadep).
Avruj said the report was inconclusive because it did not have the necessary information to complete the bureaucratic process and that “there were no major complaints” in this regard.
The latest information pointed to Gentile in the 1970s refers to the fact that he supposedly traveled from New York to Buenos Aires to look for a sister of his who had been kidnapped during the dictatorship.
However, Avruj said that in the Conadep, which registers more than 9,000 cases, two women with the same last name appear but there is no record, for the moment, that none of them is their relative.
“In Rio Negro there is information that he is an only child,” he said.
It is important to point out, as Avruj pointed out, that the relatives of Gentile never requested or received the financial compensation that is granted to the relatives of the deceased persons because of the de facto regime and that is included in the Argentine reparation law.
“This person did not receive compensation, no relative received in his name and there was no payment,” confirmed the secretary.
Due to the strange circumstances in which it was announced that Gentile is still alive – taking into account that the Balseiro Institute received this information several weeks ago but did not state it – the case has provoked reactions that question the work of the agencies who work to find these people.
For this reason, the secretariat that heads Avruj will communicate again with the institution to investigate how the news became known and clarify why it was not made public much earlier, as well as to try to contact Gentile directly.
“Not at all this fact stains all the work that has been done by the search for missing persons. It is a chapter of the search, of someone who did not know the whereabouts, but you can not trivialize the drama of the victims of state terrorism and human rights organizations, “he concluded.
Gentile was a teacher in the 50s and 60s at the University of Buenos Aires and developed a large part of his scientific career at the National Atomic Energy Commission, after which he moved to the United States to continue his work at another university.


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