Arico advances talks with the ULL to create the ‘Blue University’ | Radio Club Tenerife | Present

The study of microplásticos promoted by the University of La Laguna, it has set up all the administrative machinery to convert the municipality of Arico, south of Tenerife, in impact study symbol of these materials. In fact, with just a few months of research, the academic center already clearly defines Playa Grande as one of its black spots. The city council sees it as an opportunity to definitively impose its environmental commitment.

“There is a group of projects that the University of La Laguna in the surroundings of the sea and the headquarters, all of them are trying to locate it in Arico ”stated Sebastián Martín.

In fact, so much so that conversations have already advanced with the rectorial team of the University of La Laguna for the creation of what they call a Blue University, something like a summer university, but also with headquarters of the upper center to promote research on marine litter.

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