‘Arjen Lubach had no part’ in writing monster hit Firestone

Martijn connects his name to the song, with which DJ Kygo gets a big hit in 2015. Arjen writes in his autobiographical book Jammer that he helped create the song. He doesn’t mention the song in the book, but online fans quickly deduced that it must be ‘Firestone’.

Martijn states in the podcast that ‘it’s time for people to hear my side. The story that I ‘screwed’ Lubach is not correct.’ The composer and producer states: “I had already written this song before Arjen came to me in LA. I then e-mailed it to him and he built a beat under it himself, made a production of it. That’s cool, But that is of course very different from writing the song.” According to Martijn, Kygo ‘has never heard Arjen’s production. Nothing of his production has been used’

“The conclusion is that we will probably never agree on the history of the track,” Arjen said in a response on Monday. “I still fully support that depiction of the chronology and the course of events. We are both saddened that our collaboration and friendship has come to an end because of this disagreement.”

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2023-05-29 09:50:35