Arkea, on the case of Dáyer and Nairo Quintana

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Without referring to Colombians by name Nairo and Dáyer Quintana, as yes they did media of the stature of The Team and Le Parisien, the text confirmed that there was an appearance of the 2 after the gendarmerie will raid the room that both shared with Winner Anacona, also from Boyacá, in the last week of Tour of Francia.

“The Arkea-Samsic team was informed that 2 of its runners had been heard by the Police as free witnesses”, noted the report initially.

And he added that neither of the 2 had more requirements: “At the end of the hearing, they were able to return home, being free, to exercise their profession as cyclists without any type of restriction ”.

However, the team continued to distance itself from the investigation, since in a first statement it had referred that the investigations had nothing to do with its personnel and that it was exclusive theme of the pedal players and “their entourage”.

It was for this reason that it was now ratified: “The Arkea-Samsic and its general director, not having access to the documents of the file included in the procedure and the investigations carried out, attentive and vigilant of what happens ”.

At the same time, Nairo Quintana in a personal letter stated that “they seized vitamin supplements perfectly legal, unfamiliar to the French authorities ”.

Even, the doctor and physiotherapist who were arrested, they are already free.

Coincidentally, Anacona and the Quintana were not yielded to dispute the World Road with the ‘coffee’ combined in Imola, Italy, although Nairo would have indicated that he would not participate due to injuries from his multiple falls on the Tour.

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Here, the statement from Arkea-Samsic:



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