Armda amatr opt confused with the shares, AMC cinemas thank you with free popcorn

Shares of AMC Entertainment are trading after a medium-term trading, during which the price rose by almost 96 percent, to an all-time high. In addition to the positive impact of the reopening of cinemas, this is mainly due to the interest of small investors from a number of individuals who have been attracting attention in the markets since the end of this year. At that time, they managed to drive the price of the action of the bankrupt video game retailer GameStop to an abnormal age.

Since then, shares of GameStop, AMC and several other companies (such as headphone manufacturer Koss, BlackBerry and the Bed Bath & Beyond retailer) have been marked as stock (meme virln internet joke, note. red.). This is especially due to the Wallstreetbets internet business at the Reddit social network, where many of these amateur investors come together. AMC Entertainment has now officially accepted its stock meme status, according to AP.

She announced the launch of the program with the cinema on Wednesday, which wants to keep the connection connected with its small event holders, which is 3.2 million. She called them a well-known basic individual investor, as she now owns 80 percent of the company’s shares. f AMC Adam Aron announced on Wednesday that each share will be available in big cinemas for free popcorn. After all, these people are the owners of AMC and I work for them, said Aron.

The shares of AMC Entertainment have a significant period due to these individual investors. At the end of the year, they traded for two dollars, during the investment the heat at the end of January and the burrow then rose to $ 20, then they wiped out these gains. Since about mid-May, however, their price has risen sharply again, with the middle trading closed at $ 62.55 each.

Professionals are careful

Some large investors are careful. For example, the investment fund Mudrick Capital Management has sold all its shares in AMC, the Bloomberg agency wrote in ter. It first appeared on the day the company announced that the fund had acquired its shares worth $ 230.5 million.

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From a business point of view, AMC Entertainment is a declining company, cinemas have long suffered from the rise of streaming services. The company generated a loss of about $ 120 million in 2019 and for this year’s year it will lose 1.5 billion. And even in the first year, the economy should not fall into profit, said Cyrrus analyst Tom Pfeiler.

In the middle, the gains were recorded by other stocks, which, in addition to small investors, also unites the fact that after the financial side it is a loser of the company. Shares of Koss added 68.61 percent, BlackBerry shares 31.11 percent and GameStop securities rose 13.34 percent.

Behind the unusual movements is the hyperactivity of retail investors. On the other hand, the jet does not reach the range of the summer of January and the burrow, Pfeiler added. According to him, this increase is unsustainable and in the coming weeks, due to the threat of price correction, the stock exchanges could take another turn.