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Armed forces: Foreigners invited abroad

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A ceiling on the number of Commonwealth citizens who can join the British Army is also lifted

Foreigners living abroad are allowed to join the British forces, the government announces.

Currently, citizens of Commonwealth countries can only join if they have lived in the UK for five years.

However, to win more soldiers and soldiers for the army, the navy and the air force, the Ministry of Defense abolishes this rule.

The army lacks 8,200 soldiers, sailors and air personnel, a report found earlier this year.

This is the worst shortage since 2010, said the Independent Supervisor of National Financial Control.

Cap for foreigners canceled

Ministers are expected to announce the change of recruitment rules on Monday.

This means that people from Commonwealth countries – including India, Australia, Kenya, Fiji, and Sri Lanka – are being considered for roles, even if they have never lived in the UK.

The government already allows 200 Commonwealth citizens who have not met the requirement of a five-year stay in the United Kingdom to apply for a limited number of jobs each year. They introduced the rule in 2016.

Now this limit of 200 will be lifted.

It is hoped that the changes will add 1,350 additional employees each year.

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Soldiers of the Coldstream Guards carry flags of the 53 Commonwealth countries

According to the Daily Telegraph, which first released details of the plan in Monday's paper, the Air Force and Navy will start recruiting immediately, and the army will open applications early next year.

Requests from non-Commonwealth citizens will not be accepted, the paper adds. Citizens of Ireland and also Gurkhas from Nepal can already join due to special rules.

recruitment crisis

According to April's National Audit Office report, there were also "much larger deficits" in the number of engineers, pilots and intelligence analysts.

In 2016/17, the armed forces participated in 25 operations around the world – and the Air Force is making more deployments than it has for a quarter of a century.

A July 2017 report by Conservative MPs on US Army recruitment warned that the armed forces were "eroded" due to recruitment issues.

Mark Francois, who met with Defense Department officials and military personnel for a year, said there was a "perfect storm" with high employment rates and an aging population with fewer people of military age.

An increase in obesity, as well as an increasing proportion of black, Asian and ethnic minorities, whom he said had hitherto not applied for military service, are factors.

He made many recommendations, including more black, Asian and ethnic minorities and women.

Last month, it was announced that for the first time in history, women were allowed to apply for a British military application.

Federal Chancellor Philip Hammond announced additional government spending of £ 1 billion in the government's budget.


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