Armed subjects intercept Adrián LeBarón and his family in Sonora

Adrian LeBarón along with members of his family he was intercepted by armed subjects in broad daylight when passing through the municipality of Agua Prieta, Sonora.

On his Twitter account, activist Adrián LeBarón reported that a few days ago he was traveling with his family, when a group of armed subjects under the age of 30 blocked his way.

“They asked us for all our data. They were going to decide if we could continue, “he explained.

He claimed that the attackers were members of the organized crime and they operate more in the area when “they bring lawsuits with rivals.

“These groups are operating without restrictions, imposing their own laws. Part of the family, they are frequently detained and searched in illegal checkpoints, “he said.

LeBarón noted that criminal groups continue to control the area where they shot three women and nine children from his family on November 4, 2019.

“Criminals circulating in broad daylight, reviewing and authorizing, under what circumstances should residents be living, or those who use this road to travel to border points? How far the complicity of the authorities? “

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