Armenian Rosa Linn finished 20th in the Eurovision Song Contest, but now scores a worldwide hit | NOW

Armenian singer Rosa Linn came up with Snap no further than twentieth place in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. But thanks to a trend on TikTok, she now has a hit. “It proves to me that my high expectations of the song were not misplaced,” says the 22-year-old singer in conversation with

On TikTok is mainly an accelerated version of Snap popular. That version, on which the singer’s voice is distorted, has already been used in more than 275,000 videos, compared to more than 43,000 for the original. Rosa Linn and her team did not bring this performance into the world themselves. “It was shared by a TikTok account and it went viral.” The singer has now also released the accelerated version on Spotify, where the song has gathered more than three million streams in a short time.

But the greatest success is really reserved for the original. The guitar driven pop song Snap is currently one of the twenty most listened to songs on Spotify in our country. The record is played about 100,000 times a day. In many other European countries Snap it good too. The original version of the song has now been listened to over 28 million times and it shines in several official charts.

‘Didn’t expect accelerated version to be so popular’

When Rosa Linn was increasingly sent TikTok videos in which her number is used, she realized that it was a success. “I saw that the accelerated version came up often, also in videos that had a lot of views and likes. But I never expected it to become this big.”

The singer has no problems with the fact that an edited version of her song has gone viral. “I didn’t expect that accelerated version to be so popular. But I think it gives the record a summer vibe, where people get a nostalgic feeling. For example, they share images of a vacation or the story of their relationship with the song. “

There is one TikTok video that impressed Rosa-Linn the most. In this video, a man proposes to his girlfriend. “That’s such a great honor. That’s why I want to make music. It’s so special that people feel something about your song and use it for the most important moments in their lives.”

‘Better late than never’

Rosa Linn looks back with warm feelings on her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest in May. “They were perhaps the best months of my life. For me it was never a life goal to do Eurovision, but above all a nice starting point.”

Although the singer had expected more than a twentieth place, she did not let it ruin her Eurovision experience. “I really hoped for a place in the first ten. We had very high expectations for the song as a team, but I was not really disappointed either. I learned a lot from the whole experience.”

“And now, with the delayed success, we also see that we were not far off in our expectations,” she laughs. “It was apparently not written in the stars for us at the Eurovision Song Contest, but better late than never.”

Rosa Linn, who had only released one other single before her participation, has a new single ready. The accompanying music video was shot partly in Armenia and partly in Los Angeles. She is currently working on an album that she partly produces herself. She also helps write the songs. “It all has to sound like Rosa Linn.”

For the time being, she doesn’t want to look too far ahead and especially enjoy the success of Snap. “I’m on Billboard (she entered at number 170 in the biggest American chart, ed.). That was really a childhood dream for me and it has now come true.”