Armie Hammer (36) reappears for the first time after reports of sexual abuse and cannibalism


The actor disappeared in all anonymity two years ago after some horrifying reports about sexual abuse and cannibalism. For the first time, the man has given his version of the story in an interview.

Tom Vets

Sunday, February 5, 2023 at 5:16 PM

In his first interview in two years, Armie Hammer (36) mainly plays the victim role himself. According to him, everything started when he was mistreated and abused a long time ago. “I was powerless in that situation”, he looks back on the period when, as a thirteen-year-old, he came into contact with a pastor with less good intentions.

According to the actor, that incident is the cause of his own urge to gain “control” over sexual situations. The American is said to have assaulted women on several occasions and to have behaved dominantly during sexual acts in which the women were pushed into the submissive role.

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Two years ago he was admitted to a clinic for his addiction to drugs and alcohol, but also to work on his problematic behavior towards women. However, it then went wrong and the actor attempted suicide. He wanted to drown himself in the sea, but changed his mind. “For many people I am a perpetrator, but I am also a victim. I want to admit my mistakes and not escape my punishment. I now realize that I abused people to make myself feel better.”

Since all the stories have surfaced, Hammer’s acting career came to an abrupt end. There is still a movie he shot before all the scandals that will be released soon. Whether he will ever resume his career, he does not yet know. He wants to take all the time to bring about his recovery.