Armie Hammer confesses that he was abused at the age of 13 and had suicidal thoughts after scandals


5 Feb 2023 02:32 GMT

“I used people to feel better,” said the actor, breaking the silence after several accusations of sexual abuse.

The American actor Armie Hammer has broken his silence on the accusations of sexual abuse that began to see the light two years ago and that cost him his career in the cinema, after being removed from all the projects in which he was working.

In March 2021, a former partner of Hammer’s, identified as Effie, reported him for rape. In an exclusive interview with Air Mail, the interpreter has denied that he committed any crime and assures that it was what he describes as “a consensual non-consensual scene” in which she “planned all the details.”

Regarding the accusations of two other ex-girlfriends, Courtney Vucekovich and Paige Lorenze, the actor pointed out that “power dynamics” in those relationships were “unbalanced”. “I had young women in their 20s and I was 30. At that time I was a successful actor. Just being with me made them happy and they would have said yes to things they might not have said yes to on their own“, said.

Los Angeles Police investigate actor Armie Hammer for alleged rape

“I’m here to own up to my mistakes, to own up to the fact that I was stupid and selfish and used people to make myself feel better,” he said.

It also revealed that At the age of 13, he was sexually abused by a priest. for almost a year, a traumatic experience in which she places the origin of her interest in the practices of sexual submission and domination known as BDSM. “That made sexuality enter my life in a way that was completely out of my control,” she recalled. “I felt helpless in the situation. I couldn’t do anything. Then my interest became: sexually, I want to be in control of the situation“, he explained.

The interpreter of ‘Call me by your name’ also revealed that when in 2021 he was accused of sexual abuse by several women, he even considered the possibility of committing suicide. “I stepped into the ocean and swam as far as I couldexpecting to drown, to be run over by a boat, or to be eaten by a shark,” he recounted. “Then I realized that my children were still on the shore, and that I couldn’t do that to them,” he added.

Hammer admitted that the drug and alcohol rehabilitation that began in May of the same year helped him a lot and assures that he is now “a person healthier, happier and more balanced”.