Army exhausted: Russia sends prisoners to war against Ukraine- Ukraine war

KYIV: Ukraine’s military says Russia is using prisoners of war to fight against Ukraine. Ukraine’s military also said that untrained people are being recruited to fight.

53 Brigade Major Serji said that Russia is sending a number of men with guns ahead of them. They can only hold on for a few minutes. Russia sends seven or eight troops every night. After this, more experienced commandos arrive with sophisticated weapons. It is a terrible situation. He said that dead bodies are scattered everywhere.

Ukraine accused the Wagner mercenary group, a force formed by Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin in 2014, of sending such people. Under the leadership of Prigos, thousands of prisoners are being released from prison by the promise of pardon for their crimes and huge salaries. Those who want to escape from the prison are preparing to go to the war front soon. However, due to insufficient training, they are killed in battle.

Such people are sent to the front lines of the war because there are no more soldiers. Ukrainian military sources said that some of them were captured and some were seriously injured. The Ukrainian military also released a video of the man being interrogated. He is telling through the video that in which prison the number of the prisoner was. He says that he was recruited into the army by the Wagner group, trained for a month and recruited other prisoners in his jail.

The report also revealed that the Wagner Group had assigned 400 people from Africa to assassinate the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky. Three attempts were made to assassinate Zelenskyi in March, but failed.

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