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What is the latest news from your brother, Arnaud?

My brother Arnaud is hospitalized in the neurosurgical intensive care unit of Roger Salengro at the CHRU in Lille. He has already undergone 2 surgeries including a craniotomy which involves removing a bone part from the cranial cavity to relieve the brain. His condition is very serious and his prognosis is vital. A first awakening will be attempted within ten days. I saw him, with my mother, on Sunday September 19th. The only positive point is his intracranial pressure which has dropped due to the craniotomy.

Can you remind us of the facts about his assault?

After attending the Champions League match between LOSC and Wolfsburg, with 2 other friends, they go to a brewery, the Factory, near the stadium. There, after a few minutes, they intervene to ask a group of individuals to stop bothering a waitress. From there, in great confusion, the situation deteriorates. One of my brother’s friends receives two hits in the face from other people who have joined the bar. My brother came to help him. From there it snowballed. He was pulled from the bar to be thrown and thrown to the ground. In falling, he would have split his head. He leaves, in spite of everything, in the establishment perhaps to go again to help his friend. From there, his attackers ‘finish’ him. I didn’t even know they were at the game. It is the next morning, in my professional place, that by listening to the messages that I learn the news. I fall into disrepair at that point. My brother lives in a cohabitation and has two children.