Around 500 left-wing autonomists demonstrate in Zurich for occupations

At around 3:30 p.m., the squatters and those sympathizing with them set off from Lindenplatz in Altstetten towards the city center, as an on-site inspection showed. It must have been about 500 people.

First of all, the crowd carried large banners with the inscriptions “everything will be occupied”, a modified slogan from the time of the Wolgroth occupation in the 1990s, “no mood for eviction” and “expropriation”. Some flags of the Revolutionary Youth Zurich and the Revolutionary Construction could be seen. The demonstrators chanted slogans like “whom sini strasse – oisi strasse” or “wo-wo-wohnige”, a slogan of the Zurich youth movement of the 1980s.

Along the route, some managed to climb onto the roofs of houses and put up banners. Damage to property such as spraying could hardly be identified. Posters with the demands of the demonstrators lined the way. Some pyromaterial has been burned off.

The demonstration marched down Badenerstrasse to Lochergut. In between, he made a longer stop at Albisriederplatz, where activists gave two speeches. In terms of content, they revolved around more freedom and the services in the cooking area.

While the crowd in the streets chanted “the whole world hates the police” in French, the police ahead kept the streets clear. Many passers-by pulled out their mobile phones or watched in amazement.

There was a little excitement when the majority of those who were now mummed ran towards the police in a side street near Brupbacherplatz. But this too had no consequences. The crowd moved across Albisriederstrasse in the direction of the Koch area, where the demonstration broke up around 5:30 p.m.

A speaker said that this was not the last demonstration. The Koch area is to be cleared this winter. It has been occupied since 2013. The city of Zurich bought it from the big bank UBS and wants to build public housing and a neighborhood park on it, among other things.

Recently, there have been several occupations in Zurich in connection with the upcoming eviction of the Koch area.