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Jerez de la Frontera

The 27th Climate Summit has just concluded in Egypt, once again with mixed and insufficient results. Since 1995, almost two hundred countries that are members of the UN meet annually to address the serious problem of carbon dioxide emissions, the main cause of global warming. At last year’s summit, held in Glasgow, it was established that the maximum warming allowed until 2025 is 1.5 degrees (currently it is 1.1 degrees), and that from there to 2030 the emission of greenhouse gases greenhouse effect should have been reduced by 45%.

However, at the recent summit in Egypt it has been predicted that there will only be a ridiculous decrease of between 5% and 10% and that the planetary temperature will reach 2.5 degrees, terrible. The most developed countries, the US and the EU, say that they are applying policies to achieve the objective and have denounced that China is the one that pollutes the most and is not willing to reduce its emissions until 2030. What they hypocritically remain silent is that powerful Western multinationals have settled in China and that an important part of what is consumed in the world is manufactured there, especially information technology.

Another agreement has been attempted to drastically reduce oil and gas consumption; but, since decisions are made unanimously, oil and gas producing countries have refused to sign it. The only compromise achieved at the summit is the creation of a financial fund to compensate the countries that suffer the greatest environmental and economic damage caused by climate change.

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Global warming is an indisputable fact that even the most fanatical deniers can no longer deny. Just remember what we’ve been through here lately: heat waves, severe drought, and summer temperatures even in November. So far this century, the increase has been so brutal that if effective and urgent measures are not adopted in the next few decades to solve it, everything will go to hell. At the moment, there is no room for optimism.