Árpád Lajtos committed suicide after losing his beloved wife, Margit Dajka

Margit Dajka got married four times, but she only really loved her last husband – Árpád Lajtos reciprocated the feelings of the actress, she loved her so much that she even followed Dajka to death.

He hasn’t been with us for 36 years

We have already reported on the adventurous life and outstanding acting career of Margit Dajka on several occasions, but her private life has not really been scrutinized so far, even though the artist had a very interesting and diverse love life. The nurse had been looking for love since she was young: the actress had married a total of four times, and each time she hoped to finally find the right one. He made his first covenant with actor Károly Kovács: they were married for 11 years, but their relationship deteriorated during that time, so Margit was caught once and left her husband without a word. After that, he didn’t have to wait long to find happiness again: in the person of film producer Ervin Kolczonay, the man who believed in the great He arrived, with whom the Nurse connected her life in 1941, but this marriage lasted only four years. Ervin was followed in line by another actor, Lajos Bakay, but it turned out he wasn’t the man the actress was looking for to live a lifetime with him. Árpád Lajtos was even more married to Margit, a retired military officer, in 1957, when she realized that her previous marriages were not what she was living with. There was a great love of theirs, which is proven by nothing more than the fact that Árpád followed his beloved wife to death: after learning that the Nurse had died on May 24, 1986, she herself had extinguished her own life and committed suicide.

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