arrest assistant bank manager Secretly withdrawing money from an 80-year-old grandmother who lost more than 2 million baht

The Crime Suppression Division arrested an assistant bank manager secretly withdrawing money from an 80-year-old grandmother who lost more than 2 million baht.

The arresting officers, led by Pol. Lt. Col. Pradit Suwandee, Pol. Lt. Col. Worawut Kongraksa, Sor Kor No. 5, ECD, together with the police officers, No. 5, ECD chiefs jointly arrested. Mr. Pornchai (Surname reserved), 52 years old, accused under the arrest warrant of the Thonburi Criminal Court No. 104/2566 dated February 2, 2023 for the offense of “theft belonging to the employer or in the possession of the employer. and is an employee of a financial institution Act or not act to seek benefits that should not be legally. for yourself or others which is detrimental to financial institutions” by arresting them at their homes Phutthamonthon Sai 3 Road, Sala Thammasop Subdistrict, Thawi Watthana District, Bangkok

Circumstances As a result, on January 20, 2023, there was a representative of a bank. traveled to report a complaint to the investigating officer Kor. Came to complain to the bank that The money in the account disappeared in the amount of 2,000,000 baht. From the investigation, it was learned that on November 21, 2022, Mrs. Kamol traveled to a bank on Pracha Uthit Road. to open a savings account along with applying for a debit card and withdraw money to transfer money to newly opened bank accounts and transfer to son’s account

While conducting transactions, Mr. Pornchai (the accused), who is a bank employee, acts as an assistant manager, serving customers. came to take care of and help conduct transactions for Mrs. Kamol Two documents were brought to Mrs. Kamol to sign, and the accused secretly brought a request for withdrawal of money in the amount of 2,000,000 baht to Mrs. Kamol to sign.

After that, money was withdrawn from Mrs. Kamol’s account in the amount of 2,000,000 baht and brought the account book. with a debit card to give back to the victim. Later, Mrs. Kamon found that the money in her account was missing in the amount of 2,000,000 baht and therefore complained to the bank that she had never withdrawn the said amount of cash before.

Subsequently, the investigating officer, Kor. in such offense Which is an offense under Section 334 (11) of the Criminal Code and Section 147 of the Financial Institution Business Act in conjunction with Section 145 until February 3, 2023, the Police Officer Kor. Mr. Pornchai And bring the accused to the investigating officer Kor. from asking Mr. Pornchai denied all allegations

Pol. Col. Mekphisarn Sriphirom, Superintendent 5, ECD, said that in this case, the perpetrator had the position of assistant bank manager. through intimacy and customer trust seize the opportunity to act which, although in the arrest The accused will deny all allegations. But from the investigation, it was found that there was clear evidence. In addition, in this case, it is an offense with a high penalty rate. and is a predicate offense of money laundering. which from the preliminary examination Many suspicious assets were found. It is believed that the accused may have committed this kind of incident many times before. In which the officials will investigate and expand the prosecution to the max.