Arrest of the accused of killing the Kuwaiti family in Ardiya, revealing his nationality and motives for the crime

Al-Marsad newspaper: Kuwaiti criminal investigation officers arrested, on Saturday, the suspect in the horrific “Ardiya crime” in which a couple and their daughter were killed. Their bodies were found bent in their house, on Friday, after they were inspected by one of their relatives.

A security source revealed to the Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Qabas, that the suspect who was arrested and suspected of committing the crime is an “Indian expatriate”, as investigations indicated his involvement in the crime for theft, according to preliminary investigations that are still ongoing.

The security source said, “The investigations indicated that the accused had known the victims for a while, as he had brought a maid for them previously.”

The source indicated that the accused “entered the house on the day of the incident with the intention of stealing, only to be discovered by the wife, who killed her and then killed the husband and daughter.”

The newspaper stated that the accused stated that he searched the house after committing the crime and found a sum of money of 300 dinars and gold jewelry, which he stole and sold, where all the invoices for the sale of gold were found.

The source confirmed that the accused will be referred to the Public Prosecution after the completion of investigations into the crime, pointing out that an official statement will be issued by the Ministry of Interior regarding the incident.

The security services had found the bodies, after they moved to the family home, after receiving a report from the wife’s brother stating that he had found his sister, her husband and their daughter lying in their house.