Arrest warrant for manslaughter in the case of Keira G. enact

Arrest warrant for manslaughter in the case of Keira G.

It was about to be a date, but apparently it got completely out of hand – and in the end, the 14-year-old Keira lay dead in her nursery, bleeding to death after more than 20 stab wounds, one of which hit his heart. A 15-year-old schoolmate has now confessed to the act. On Monday, the prosecutor led him to a judge, who issued arrest warrants. The boy is now in custody. The youth had basically confessed to having stabbed his acquaintances, said the spokesman for the prosecutor, Martin Steltner, on Monday. The backgrounds are still unclear. The allegation of manslaughter could become even more serious a murder charge in the course of the investigation, it said. For the motive would have to be clearer. For a warrant application, as much evidence as possible had to be gathered first, the spokesman explained. The conditions for such a young suspect are very close. Killed with several knife wounds The student, arrested at his parents’ home, reportedly killed 14-year-old Keira G. in her nursery with several knife-wounds. The mother had found her daughter on Wednesday at 17.30 clock with serious injuries An alarmed ambulance could not save the girl. He is not yet 16 years old, and here the Juvenile Court Act stipulates in paragraph 72 (2) that pre-trial detention may be imposed only under very strict conditions, at least if the suspect already has made preparations to flee or has no permanent residence. In this case, however, would be dimming, it was said from the prosecutor in advance – he should not get an opportunity to influence evidence. An arrest warrant for a juvenile must be given special justification, as priority is given to milder means – such as housing in a closed home. Berlin did not have such a thing for years; meanwhile there is one again. Accelerated procedure in adolescents If a juvenile actually arrives in custody, his or her procedure has to be speeded up. The trial in court – in homicide is also in juvenile justice in the first instance, the district court jurisdiction – takes place, in contrast to adults, in camera.

In such a serious act as the killing of a person – it could also be murder, depending on the motive situation – the suspect 15-year-old has to expect a prison sentence. Here too, however, the focus is not on the criminal but on the educational concept. This may mean that if the boy has no severe educational deficits and has possibly acted in affect, then five years imprisonment would be quite a high penalty, although the maximum penalty is ten years. The high number of knife cuts indicates that it could be an act of affect, the 15-year-old thus stood completely next to him. The heavier the educational deficits of a juvenile defendant, the longer it is necessary to influence him – then the prison sentence can be significantly higher. Sports club and school mourn The killed Keira was in her age group Berlin champion in speed skating over 1500 meters. Their club, the Berlin TSC, showed up on Monday dismayed and stunned. In a short message on the homepage of the club a photo of the athlete was published. “With deep dismay” one has learned of her death, “especially considering their youthful age.” It was difficult to find the right words in this situation. Feel with the relatives. Even the head of the school, on which victims and possible perpetrators went, commented on the case. “We are stunned by this horrible crime,” writes Tobias Barthl on the website of the Green Campus Malchow. With school psychologists and crisis team trying to master the situation. Instrumentalization in the network In recent days, numerous right-wing websites have exploited the crime and constructs a context of a few weeks ago in the Palatine Kandel killed by an Afghan refugee 15-year-old Mia. This is probably why the police initially named as precise indication of the suspects only the “German nationality”. Already on the day after the act, the bureau had warned on Twitter: “Please do not participate in circulating speculation.” After the arrest yet reported, inter alia, the Berlin AfD MP Gunnar Lindemann so on Twitter to word: “Why are no more Details announced? For example, the perpetrator origin? Should something be talked about here again? “The police answered him with reference to the Press Code. The police had determined intensively in the personal environment of the 14-year-olds, especially in social networks in which the girl was active. According to unconfirmed information, the girl is said to have previously spoken of a “date” on the day of the crime. ( With dpa )

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