Arrested for allegedly abusing a young man with a disability :: La Prensa de Lara

Orozco / Sosa | THE PRESS OF LARA.- The mother of a 17 year old teenager, with intellectual disability, he realized on Friday, November 20, that something strange was happening with him. Seeing the evasive and fearful attitude of the boy, he was concerned, because a hunch told him that someone had done him some harm.

At her home, in the Trasandino sector of Carora, the woman began to ask the disabled young man questions, who supposedly confessed that someone had sexually abused of the.

During the interrogation of the mother, according to a police version, she managed to learn from the physical description made by the adolescent, the identity of the alleged aggressor by name Jonny Jesus Suarez Viera, 48 years old, a neighbor of the sector, who according to a police source, had been seen in previous days very close to the young man.

When she had the answer, she decided to go to the Carora Municipal Delegation of the Cicpc, To report.

Detectives detained Suarez at his home. At the time of capture, he was seized a machete which, supposedly, he used to intimidate the teenager disabled.

The source pointed out that the alleged abuse occurred last week, when Suárez allegedly saw the adolescent pass near his house, accosted him, threatened him with a machete and took him against his will to a Broken, where allegedly committed the crime.

However, that was not the first time that it happened, because according to detectives, the alleged abuse was ongoing.



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