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Agents of the National Police they have arrested a 31-year-old woman, neighbor of Gijón, to carry out fraudulent charges with the cards of a nonagenarian to which he had had access through his work in the residence in which the victim lived.

The investigation began with the complaint of a 90-year-old man who explained that he had been 31 counts fraudulent using two of his credit cards and had defrauded him 4.300 euros. In the study of the charges made, the agents discovered that the provisions had been used to carry out online shopping of clothing and accessories, The payment of digital platforms and the food delivery at home.

The analysis of these requests led the investigators to identify the person who had made them and thus find out that it was a neighbor of Gijón who worked as an employee in the center for the elderly where the complainant lived. Is woman had access to residents’ personal effects and he had used that trust to get hold of the numbering of the cards and their validation codes and with them they had made purchases on the internet. In order not to raise suspicions, he did not seize the physical support, so the victim always had the cards in his possession. Despite his advanced age, the man kept a regular check on the balance of his accounts For this reason, he immediately noticed the fraudulent reimbursements and brought it to the attention of those responsible for the residence and the police.

Arrested in Avilés in 2018

Once the perpetrator of these fraudulent charges was identified, she was arrested by Economic Crimes agents of the Gijón Police Station as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of fraud. The woman already had background previous years for theft and fraud and had been arrested in the year 2018 for having appropriated the credit card of another elderly man who was admitted to a Avilés nursing home. On that occasion, instead of shopping, he had made money withdrawals with the stolen card, because the man had written down his key number in the wallet, thereby generating a financial loss 50.000 euros.

The detainee who had adequate training for gerontological care and assistance had been working for a few months in that residence in Gijón, so it is being investigated whether other inmates may have suffered improper charges in their bank accounts either in this residence or others in which this woman had carried out her work as a caregiver.


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