Arrival of the capsule Dragon, SpaceX to the International Space Station

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SpaceX made history on Saturday with the launch of the spacecraft Crew Dragon at 3:22 in the afternoon and opened a new era of space exploration, after nearly a decade without manned missions sent from the soil of north America, and with american pilots.

NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley travel aboard the Crew Dragon, driven by a rocket Falcon 9, since the ramp 39A of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Both astronauts will complete an extended stay on the International Space Station (ISS), which will be part of the mission Demo-2.

The International Space Station is 250 miles above the Earth.

Although the ship’s Crew Dragon could remain in orbit about 110 days, the duration of the mission will be determined once on the ISS, and will depend on the preparation of the next commercial launch of crew. Crew Dragon will be able to stay operartiva in orbit for at least 210 days as a requirement of NASA.



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