A page has been turned. The Arrow Final Series aired last January, and there are still more revelations about how its co-creator wanted the superhero series to end. In addition to the return of Felicity and many characters for Oliver’s funeral, another legendary character from the DC Comics universe was expected. The co-creator arrow, Mark Guggenheim, revealed that he originally intended the series to end with a reference to Batman. Batman ended up arriving in the Arrowverse before its flagship series was released. Kevin Conroy played Bruce Wayne in crossover live-action “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. However, Marc Guggenheim revealed to Fake Nerd Podcast that he had envisioned that Batman would play an important role in the finale of the Arrow series.

Batman should have played an important role
Batman should have played an important role

The showrunner arrow revealed his ideal ending : “I’ve always seen the series end in Oliver’s death, but Oliver’s death in the finale itself. Then, I had a little fantasy that Oliver would die and that it would end with a kind of news broadcast talking about his heritage and which would somehow become the voiceover. And then you’d go to that roof in a whole different city, and on the cut, a thug or a bad guy would crash into the frame, after being hit off screen. And that pair of black boots would fall right in front of him and there would be a scalloped cape flick and the voiceover would say something like, ‘Oliver Queen inspired a whole new generation of vigilantes’. The implication being, of course, that it inspired Batman. So, of course, it didn’t happen for a variety of reasons – not the least of which is Batwoman – but it was my original design. “. This ending would surely have pleased all Green Arrow fans …


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