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Arsenal EXCLUSIVE: I hope Mesut Ozil will fight under Unai Emery – Lee Dixon for the future

The right-back of the former Gunners hopes that everyone will find their place in the team, regardless of their status.

Özil have played three of Arsenal's four Premier League games to date and missed the 3-1 win over West Ham due to illness.

In the 0-2 defeat on the first match against Manchester City, the playmaker has played only once 90 minutes.

Emery won the Chelsea World Cup final when Arsenal lost 3-2 and could not finish the game in Cardiff.

His position in the team has been called into question, especially given the new philosophy of the manager and the high-intensity approach.

Özil's kind on the field was always typically listless and the fans are divided as to whether or not he fits in with Emery's system.

With the clashes of the two strikers Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette is no longer a place for a luxury player like the Germans.

Asked whether Ozil has to fight against himself to secure a place in the starting eleven, Dixon told exclusively Star Sports"I hope so, I really hope they all do.

Mesut OzilGETTY

Arsenal News: Mesut Özil is in the team to travel to Newcastle on Saturday
(Image: GETTY)

"It should take a look at him, that's his job"

Lee Dixon

"He's a high caliber player, and that comes with his price tag and salary, so most of his attention is on him, arguably the most talented player in Arsenal, the most creative player.

"So much was expected of him, but it should not be otherwise, it should take a look at him, that's his job.

"And if he does not produce what Emery demands of him, and he could say to him – some managers, you can play with players who do not work as hard as other players.

"You can accommodate yourself and say," You know, it's okay, because you'll get that and that. "

"Well, if what he produces is enough to take the team and wear it in certain parts of the game, that's fine, and what he has done in the past is enough to keep his pay, to justify his position in the team and his status in the club.

Unai EmeryGETTY

Unai Emery wants his players to put Arsenal's work under his new philosophy
(Image: GETTY)

"Now players dictate a lot, because if you do not produce and things are not going well, the team should monitor from the inside out.

"All the teams I played in controlled themselves from the inside and you knew that certain players would get that, certain players, you would get goals, certain players, you would get creativity.

"You may not get tough and sometimes overthrow some of them, but you would accept that and say," You know, I'm pretty good at it, so I'll do his job for him, "to a degree It's all about the make-up and the character of the team.

"Whether or not Mesut Özil fits in with his teammates and whether that suits the manager and what he demands of him is the test part, and I'm still not sure how this will work with Emery and Özil.

"There seems to be something there that he is leaving and frankly saying I need a little bit more from him in certain areas."

Lee DixonBudweiser

Lee Dixon wants Mesut Özil to fight for his place in the starting XI of Arsenal
(Photo: Budweiser)

"I'm sure he needs a bit more of his entire team in certain areas, but because Mesut is so well known and we all want to talk about him because he has such talent and is sometimes frustrating, that's why he's such an interesting one Theme. "

Emery has confirmed that Özil is in his squad to go to Newcastle this Saturday (3pm).

It will be his first trip to St James Park for Arsenal, although he has been in the club since 2013.

Whether Özil has the starting eleven remains to be seen.

Dixon spoke after a surprise appearance at Harpenden Town FC to equip longtime club official Roman Motyczak with Budweiser's £ 10,000 Club Futures Scholarship.

His son, Joshua Dixon, once played for the junior team, the Harpenden Colts.

Together with Budweiser, Dixon said, "The guys behind the grounds are so fond of their local clubs, and this commitment often goes unnoticed by anyone watching games, so I took the chance to give something back to someone who does something Difference for the life and career of people – including my son.

"It's usually the footballers who attract all the attention, but the actual stars of the show are the space guards – without them, the players would not be able to train, play games or score a goal."


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